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Android TV Launcher,

Spread your service across TVs, Set-top Boxes and other devices. We can either adapt already existing user interfaces or create new user experiences from scratch. Expand your content offer and make your IPTV/OTT service as powerful as you want it to be, all while maintaining your brand identity.

It’s fast and reliable!

Deliver the best TV experience your audience demands

Customizable UI/UX

Create your own launcher. Let us know your vision and we’ll make an Android TV version.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Allow your subscribers access to thousands of Apps already available on the platform.

Amazing off-the-shelf features

Provide your users with additional features right from the get-go, like PiP and PVR.

Let users control every aspect of their experience using voice commands.

Connect user’s phones to their TV screen, for a seamless multi-platform experience.

"Operator Ready"
Android TV Solutions

WeTek gives operators the ability to customize and brand an advanced user interface through Android TV deployment, including the latest functionalities along with access to more than 150 premium apps.

Own Your Brand


Standard Operator Tier Launcher

WeTek offers full operator tier Android TV™ development, not only for set-top boxes, but also for Smart TVs with implementation within the IPTV/OTT arena.

This means, we can either adapt already existing user interfaces, to comply with Android TV UI/UX guidelines or create new user experiences from scratch.

All of this, of course, while guaranteeing your identity and maximizing your budget with a faster time-to-market, taking full advantage of the capabilities found in Google’s proprietary software.

Standard Interface Features:

2 Pinned Apps
1 Pinned Channel
Custom Home Screen
Personalized Recommendations
Editorial Recommendations
Access to Google Store (Movies, Apps, Games)
Google Assistant
Operator Initial Setup

Custom Operator Tier Launcher

Beyond the standard Android TV launcher solution, your identity can be further assured with a Custom Launcher.

Manage the full look and feel of the user experience, for greater flexibility over placement and content, and smooth UX integration with your live TV or other video services.

Custom launchers only need to meet a few key UX requirements to balance flexibility for Operators against consistency for Android TV users and develop.

Custom Interface Features:

A fully personalized experience,
focusing on Operator Content
and Branding.

Android TV key benefits

Open New Revenue Models

Create more business opportunities beyond Pay TV, such as gaming, virtual reality, OTT.

Consumer Retention

By allowing for various services, it retains control of HDM1, making consumers stick to your product.

Content Protection

Android TV uses DRM and Widevine CAS, you can make sure that your revenue is protected against copyright.

Save Money

The Android TV infrastructure has run frequent automatic updates to make sure the platform is up to standard with the latest needs and tendencies.

One-stop shop for certifying your product

We’ll take care of running your projects through the essential certification tests, namely: CTS, GTS and CTS Verifier. These tests are mandatory for offering the most popular OTT services out-of-the-box.


Enhance your Android TV experience
with the WeCast middleware.

Our online video platform allows you to take full control of your service.
Ready to deploy!

  • Increase monetization options

  • Deliver the right content to the right audience

  • Content across multiple platforms

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