Remote Device Management

WeTek is fully aware of how important it is to keep your operation running smoothly and at a steady pace. It is as crucial for service providers as for the end consumer. WeTek Box Control offers monitoring tools that allow you not only to understand any possible issues but also anticipate and defuse them before they escalate.

WeTek Box Control for Cable and sattellite, IPTV/Telco

Remote control of devices

With the WeTek Box Control, operators can block devices and send pop-up messages for events such as a failed/late payment, an opportunity to upgrade, or even when detecting suspicious and fraudulent activity.

Hardware lifecycle management

Seamless upgrades and exchanges for next-generation devices assure that end-customers always experience smooth transitions between various iterations of hardware.

Software lifecycle management

Software upgrades will keep devices and the platform itself updated and secure. Our Lifecycle Management service issues automatic updates to hardware within the network and accordingly selects which devices to work on without ever disrupting the audience’s experience.

After-sales cost reduction

Cut operational costs by decreasing after-sales and local assistance expenses. It allows operators to prevent, predict and defuse issues before they escalate and offer the first line of remote assistance without the need for a physical presence at the customer’s location.

Audience profiling

Data generated by the reporting system can also be used as a powerful marketing tool. It helps profiling audiences and helps creating targets for advertising campaigns.

Main benefits of

WeTek Box Control for Cable and satellite, IPTV/Telco
  • Reduction of expenses with after-sales

  • Easy deployment and provisioning

  • Seamless software and security updates

  • Predict and defuse issues before escalating

  • Targeting for extra advertising revenue

  • Remote assistance and device configuration

  • Seamless hardware upgrading

  • Backend control and reporting

  • Issue pop-up warnings, block users, and other actions

  • Prevent illegal or abusive use

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