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Internet Service Providers


Pay TV Operators


Content Aggregation


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Our deep experience within the video distribution industry and the Android ecosystem allows us to help you build strong, sustainable and cost-efficient solutions. With projects deployed all over the world and in various action fields, we can assist you in adjusting, adapting and overcome, not only requirements, but the challenges ahead.


Operator Tier

  • UX/ UI Design
  • Third-Party Certifications
  • Device Management (TR069 / TR081 Protocols)
  • CAS and DRM integration
  • DVB integration

Multiscreen Integration

  • Monetization Channels and Business Model
    (Avod, adressabletv, Content Sponsorship, etc)
  • One Screen Linear TV Integration 
  • Seamless Multi-Device Access
  • MultiApps Management & Direct Carrier Billing Agreements

Hardware Integration

  • Usage Requirements
  • Technological Partners
  • Live TV Integration
  • Solution Roadmap Management

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