Multiscreen Delivery

Deliver your content to any device from set-top boxes, to smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, and computers. Our UI designs will adapt to any screen, thus providing an enjoyable and seamless Over The Top experience to your users.

WeCast Marble Devices for Broadcasters & MSOs Over the top

Multi-ad insertion

Monetize your video content by selling ad space to open new revenue streams and achieve ROI on your IPTV/OTT investment. Reach your target audiences everywhere with adaptable video and banner assets for different user interfaces.

DRM & CAS Integration

We understand what comes along with the distributing of high-value content, including live premium sports, blockbusters, 4K UHD movies, and the most popular TV shows. As so, WeCast provides a solid, reliable and secure infrastructure providing the best security solutions for the IPTV/OTT arena with strong features such as Multi-DRM Licensing, best-in-class CAS technology, forensic watermarking, and two-factor authentication.

WeCast Secure Token

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