Business Intelligence

Increase user satisfaction and enhance customer retention. Our Business Intelligence module produces useful insights for IPTV/Telco management, allowing you to understand your audience’s content preferences and optimize your Linear TV and VOD offerings.

WeCast online video platform for IPTV/Telco

Android TV for Operators

We offer operator tier Android TV™ development for set-top boxes and Smart TVs with implementation within the IPTV/OTT arena. We can either adapt already existing user interfaces to comply with Android TV UI/UX guidelines or create new user experiences from scratch.

WeCast AndroidTV for IPTV/Telco

Remote Device Management

At WeTek, we understand the importance of maintaining a smoothly run operation. It’s as crucial for service providers as it is for end consumers. Therefore, we offer monitoring tools that will allow you not only to understand any possible issues but also anticipate and defuse them before escalating.

WeTek Box Control for Cable and sattellite, IPTV/Telco
WeTek Box Control for Cable and satellite, IPTV/Telco

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