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Tell us about your project

Let us know your business and objectives so that we can provide you the device that best fits your needs.
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Your specs, your remote, your housing

We’ll discuss all the technical aspects with you. Choose your favorite remote controller and the housing that best carries your identity.
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Tailored packaging and branding

We create customized gift-boxes for your devices. We can even help you creating your very own brand.
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The power to monitor and control the device remotely. Understand any possible issues, anticipate and defuse them before escalating.

Tailored Android Powered Set-top Boxes

WeTek provides Android powered set-top boxes with impressive customization options.


Streamlined Manufacturing Process

We work closely to the supply chain, factories and other agents involved in producing your device. Our experience, reputation, and robust network of partners, allows us to offer the fastest time-to-market, saving you time and money.

  • Short time to market

  • High quality standards

  • Great support

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