Maximize revenue

WeCast’s Business Intelligence module provides data to help you maximize your revenue, reduce costs, and maintain excellent customer satisfaction levels.

Income Analytics

Monitor and forecast your income for Linear TV, VOD and subscriptions individually. Use that info to adjust your video content offerings.

QoS/QoE monitor

Prevent, predict and defuse issues before they escalate. Identify and fix anomalies within the network that may be affecting your customers.

Marketing Data

Keep tabs on your on-going AVoD campaigns with analytics for video pre-, mid-, and post-roll insertions and banner overlays.

The IPTV/OTT industry is a very competitive arena.
Stay ahead of the game.

Real Time Monitoring

Keep close control of your service. Use real-time data to and check upon KPIs that allow you to quickly assess your service’s immediate performance. Get insights on the number and type of devices connected to your service (smartphones, set-top boxes, smart, PC, Mac, video game consoles), where are your customers accessing your service from, what ISP are they using, and what subscriptions are being used.

WeCast Business Intelligence Real Time Statistics

Customer Analytics

Learn about your who your users are (age, gender, subscription), their behavior, and their video content consumption habits. WeCast’s Business Intelligence data enables you to continuously evolve your service, increase customer loyalty, and satisfaction by providing content tailored to your customer’s profile.

WeCast Business Intelligence Customers Analytics

Churn Analytics and Prediction

The cost of acquiring new customers is higher than retaining them. WeCast, allows you to focus on preserving customers by producing predictive data helping you identify customers who are most likely to leave your service. Save money by addressing your customer’s issues before they decide to abandon your service.

WeCast Business Intelligence Churn

Content Analytics

Increase user satisfaction and enhance customer retention. Our Business Intelligence module produces useful insights allowing you to understand your audience’s content preferences and optimize your Linear TV and VOD offerings

WeCast Business Intelligence Linear TV Analytics

Fine tune your offering of TV Channels with the help of the data produced by the Business Intelligence module. Find out what channels and categories perform the best and make data-driven investment decisions.

WeCast Business Intelligence VOD Analytics for broadcasters

Learn which are the most popular movies and series among your audience. Use that information to continuously improve your VOD catalog and keep your customers engaged with the service you provide.

WeCast is a complete IPTV/OTT online video platform

Discover all the features making it easier for you to manage, distribute and monetize your video content.
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  • CRM – Custom Relations
  • DRM & CAS Integration

  • Frontends

  • Media Assets Management

  • Multi-ad Insertion

  • Multiscreen – TV Everywhere

  • Packages & Subscriptions

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