Your users are always first

Manage and care for your current users with WeCast’s CRM Module. Moreover, you can create mechanisms to attract new customers to your service.

User profiles

Generate multiple profiles to maximize user experience and collect pinpointed data for better monetization.

Incidents list

Take a hold of your service and gather reports on all incidents. Defuse problems before they reach the user and increase error solving speeds.


Go viral. Generate digital and physical vouchers to promote your services through multiple campaign channels.

Issue pre-paid cards and vouchers

Issue thousands of pre-paid cards and voucher codes in one minute. Export your newly created codes and easily print your cards. You can distribute them in retail stores, offer in special events or hand them out to selected customers providing credit for your users to spend on your platform or simply extended subscriptions.

WeCast Vouchers & Pre-paid Cards


set-top boxes

Planning to offer your own set-top box along with your IPTV/OTT service?
Pre-authorized hardware is perfect for providing a ready-to-go service with no efforts needed from your customers.

WeCast is a complete IPTV/OTT online video platform

Discover all the features making it easier for you to manage, distribute and monetize your video content.
  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM – Custom Relations
  • DRM & CAS Integration

  • Frontends

  • Media Assets Management

  • Multi-ad Insertion

  • Multiscreen – TV Everywhere

  • Packages & Subscriptions

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