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Throughout our journey, we have always set our goals on excellence. That path to excellence is mainly built on sharing, and so we do our best to share the knowledge gained over the years so that users and developers become inspiredcreative and boundless. We share our web design wisdom so that you can stand out from the competition and elevate above it, building IPTV/OTT solutions that fit your needs and are exclusive to your business module.


Providing premium quality set-top boxes with Android OS, we boast state of the art specs and a great customer service that serves as the icing on the cake. Our quest for a full experience has led us to develop complete IPTV/OTT solutions that deliver and monetize your content on any screen at any time, maximizing your full potential.


Businesses have grown used to see us as an indispensable and smart resource to improve their profit modules. From powerful set-top boxes to the best custom software solutions and sensible consulting, we work alongside your team to provide the best results while maintaining identity.

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We aim to be a reference in the world of entertainment electronics by creating a positive impact on people. With products that address our audience’s needs, we believe that our users seek independence from huge cable bills. The power of Android-based devices and all the possibilities the internet has to offer are virtually endless. Towards that goal, we’ve built products and IPTV/OTT solutions capable of responding to these basic wishes with a premium feel, and create a relationship based on trust.

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WeTek’s mission is to research and develop innovative multimedia products and intuitive media distribution solutions for our customers. We strive to offer a new dimension of technology, providing premium and meaningful entertainment experiences. We believe in long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners alike. Therefore we work hard on delivering the best support possible and promoting trustable interactions with our customers.

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We respect the dignity of individuals and fundamental human rights. We comply with ethnic laws of other countries, markets and we don’t make unfair profits. We appreciate the community, working for and with it. We respect the community’s opinion so we can find better solutions. We make our customers’ satisfaction a priority and always consider their suggestions. Our collaborators are treated fairly with equal growth opportunities while earning their profits on their own.

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